A small, boutique law firm established in 2019. Despite being newly established, the knowledge and expertise we have, means that we can provide support for our clients in all areas of their business and private life.

As firm believers that one size does not fit all, we endeavour to deliver high – quality legal services based on excellence, we provide fully tailored solutions and our commitment to understanding our clients and their businesses is our core objective. Like all great relationships, our foundation is based on getting to know you, your business, understanding the issues that you face and your priorities and working collaboratively to achieve your desired results.

We are proud to state that the emergence of the Andersen name continues to grow within Europe and N. Xenofontos LLC has been chosen as the legal advisor of Andersen Cyprus.

N. Xenofontos LLC is a private lawyers’ limited liability company registered in Cyprus (H.E.403761), regulated by the Cyprus Legal Council and the Cyprus Bar Association (www.cyprusbarassociation.org) – CBA registration number 802.

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